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Easy-to-use and secure remote desktop control software for PC
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ISL Light is a fast, easy-to-use and secure remote desktop control software designed for IT specialists to provide professional online remote support and access unattended computers, as well as access and support mobile devices. It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android and requires no installations or firewall configurations. ISL Light includes all the standard tools for remote desktop control: desktop and application sharing, file transfer, AES 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, whiteboards, user management, reboot and reconnect, text chat, audio (VoIP) and video calls, and session recording.

The ISL Light Android and iOS app are included in the license and allow users to connect to Android and iOS devices and get a live view of the remote mobile screen to troubleshoot issues quickly. It is also possible to remotely control Android devices from a computer.

ISL Light allows you to establish an RDP connection to a Windows computer on a remote network without VPN tunnelling or firewall changes. Instead, you can route the protocol through the secure tunnel of ISL Online.

Users can customize the ISL Light remote desktop software to their corporate identity by using their logo, key images and company colours. It is also possible to personalize the workflow of a default remote desktop session with command line arguments.

Users can choose between a cloud-based service and an on-premises solution. Managed private cloud is available for larger enterprises. MPC combines the benefits of a cloud remote desktop service with the independence and privacy of an on-premises solution by hosting data and applications on a dedicated infrastructure.

ISL Light software is trusted by IT companies of all sizes and from all industries, especially IT, healthcare, universities, banks and governments. The strongest markets are Japan, Europe and the USA.

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